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MonetizeMore was founded in 2010 as one of the early outsourced ad operations companies that innovated by focusing on the optimization of ad inventories rather than merely the management. At the time, there were only ad operation consultants that were happy to only traffic ads instead of optimizing and supply side platforms (SSPs) that deliver underwhelming performance.

Introduction to MonetizeMore


Since day one, MonetizeMore has offered a percentage of the ad revenue increase for premium publishers. This was innovative because no ad operations consultant or SSP would dream of risking financial losses if they couldn’t achieve the performance they promised. MonetizeMore pioneered their model with one of the largest online classified networks in Canada, UsedEverywhere, by increasing their ad revenues by millions of dollars.

Once MonetizeMore proved their initial success, they applied this perfected model on new premium publishers to also achieve staggering lifts in ad revenues and page RPMs. Google took notice of MonetizeMore’s complimentary offering and consistent performance and partnered to give MonetizeMore access to a Google Ad Exchange (AdX) master account. This allowed MonetizeMore to offer AdX demand to any of their publisher partners. Since AdX is the best display ad monetization tool, this allowed MonetizeMore to further propel their publishers’ ad performance.

As the partnership between Google and MonetizeMore grew, MonetizeMore became a Google Certified Partner at the end of 2014. Google recognized their leadership in outsourced ad operations and the professional use of Google AdSense, AdX and DFP that they certified MonetizeMore as a partner they could vouch for.

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MonetizeMore has built a header container this year called MonetizeMore Demand. Its focus is high page RPM performance, fast page load times and transparent reporting for premium publishers. With the combination of offering AdX, MonetizeMore Demand header container and premium publisher offering, publishers have seen consistently high page RPM increases.

MonetizeMore is a location independent company that has team members based all around the world. They claim this works well with managing their publisher partners that span over 40 countries and almost every imaginable time zone. Their support team seems to work all hours of the day and week and we imagine this is why.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

What we like most about MonetizeMore: Great page RPM increases for publishers from any country, customized ad optimization, dedicated ad optimization teams, customized and transparent reports, responsive support, innovative ad optimization technology and flexible pricing structure.

What we liked least about MonetizeMore: Reporting isn’t automated yet and high minimum traffic levels to join.

Publisher Requirements

  • Publisher terms:
  • Traffic minimum: 500k page views per month
  • Publisher language requirement: None
  • Prohibited content: For AdX, must 100% adhere to Google terms and conditions. For premium publisher and MonetizeMore Demand, must adhere to the terms and conditions of each ad network implemented within the publisher’s ad inventory.

MonetizeMore Company Stats

MonetizeMore Contact and Support Information

  • Address: 770 Fisgard St., Victoria, BC, Canada, V8W 0A8

Advertisers and Offers

  • Advertising types: Every ad type supported
  • Offer types: CPM, CPC, CPA
  • Verticals: All types

Tech Implementation Rating: 5 out of 5

AdX is the simplest implementation of the three products but can undergo a difficult screening process depending on your publisher network. Each domain undergoes a meticulous review from MonetizeMore’s support team. If your domains pass the MonetizeMore screening, then your site will be submitted through the official Google screening.

However, if one of your domains does not pass MonetizeMore screening because of Google compliance issues, they will provide custom feedback how to become Google compliant and will work with you to achieve this. We found this quite valuable because Google provides very vague terms and conditions and it is almost impossible to get customized feedback anywhere to become safe from getting banned by Google. Once you are 100% Google compliant and you pass both the MonetizeMore and Google screening, MonetizeMore will create customized AdX tags for your publisher network with instructions how to implement.

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You can implement the AdX tags directly on-page for each of your domains, however, the MonetizeMore team recommends to implement DFP and integrate AdX to compete against other ad networks. If you also qualify for MonetizeMore Demand and/or the Premium Publisher Plan, they will implement DFP for your publisher network for free. Otherwise, they have a very helpful Youtube video series to help you implement DFP on your own. Once DFP is implemented, they will work with you to enable dynamic allocation within your DFP account so that AdX will only serve when it has the highest paying bid. MonetizeMore claims this is AdX at its best and the first steps to building an optimal ad inventory.

For anyone that has attempted to implement header bidding, they would probably agree it’s no cake walk especially if you don’t have a team of developers ready to work on your ad inventory. If your publisher network is accepted into the MonetizeMore Demand program, then MonetizeMore will implement header bidding as a concierge service for free. This involves providing DFP access to their team of header bid experts and then implementing their header bid code in the header of each of your pages. After those two steps, you will have header bidding live and should already see increases in ad revenues and page RPMs.

MonetizeMore’s premium publisher model is what they started with and still continues to be their highest value offering. When your publisher network is big enough, MonetizeMore will take your publisher network under their wing and manage and represent 100% of your ad inventory so you can max out your ad revenues. Premium publishers that run with MonetizeMore said they not only see large increases in ad revenues, but they also can rest easy that their ad inventory is in good hands so they can focus on more important tasks to grow their business.

The premium publisher offering is fully inclusive of all ad optimization technology and products that MonetizeMore offers. All the publishers have to pay for is performance. If you are a large premium publisher that is serious about maximizing your ad revenues, the premium publisher offering is the highest value offering because it achieves the greatest improvements in page RPMs and ad revenues.

Reporting Interface

MonetizeMore Reporting Rating: 4.5 out of 5

MonetizeMore’s reporting is great because publishers can request to customize the reports in any way they prefer. For example, this is very useful for arbitrage publishers who would like to segment their stats by traffic source to measure which ones are the most profitable.

The reporting isn’t fully automated yet though. They only have about 50 ad network reports automated so far. Since there are hundreds of ad networks out there, they have a long way to go. They will have automated header bidding reports by January 2017 that will have transparent real-time reporting by header bid partner and will measure revenue and impression discrepancies with the publisher’s DFP account.

The header bid reporting is also able to segment reports by Google Analytics UTM parameters. Therefore, you can segment the revenue reports however you would like (eg. Article, traffic source, device type, country, demographic, etc.).

MonetizeMore Payment

MonetizeMore Payment Rating: 5 out of 5

  • Payment Methods Available: PayPal, ACH, wire transfer.
  • AdX Payment Terms: Net 30
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $100

Account Help

Account Help Rating: 5 out of 5

  • Knowledgebase URL:
  • Personal Account Manager: Yes, for premium publishers. A very responsive support team for all other publisher partners.
  • Contacting Support: Support can easily be reached via live chat and email.

Editor’s MonetizeMore for Publishers Review

With over 300 publisher networks and thousands of domains that they exclusively manage, MonetizeMore have proven to be the authorities in ad optimization. It’s nice they offer AdX demand and they do a good job with screening sites, onboarding and then optimizing the AdX demand, but that is eclipsed by their unique offerings for larger publishers. There are too many players out there that have an AdX master account these days (Are you tired of those spam emails yet?). MonetizeMore offers AdX as an extra offering but it is not their focus.

MonetizeMore truly separates itself from all the alternatives with its header container solution and its premium publisher offering. MonetizeMore Demand header container was built for performance. It achieves higher page RPMs then the alternative header containers because it offers the following header bid innovations:

  • Multivariate header bid partner testing: Each combination of header bid partners is tested and if a header bid partner does not yield higher RPMs for the publisher, it is dropped out of the header bid stack.
  • Multivariate timeout testing: Running arbitrary timeouts for header containers is not optimal. MonetizeMore Demand lets the data decide the most optimal timeout per device type.
  • Frequently updated bid scaling: Scaling header bid partner bids based on revenue discrepancies is important. However, other header containers have bid scaling left on the page that inevitably does not get updated. MonetizeMore Demand measures and updates the bid scaling of each header bid partner and placement on a frequent basis.

The premium publisher offering is what initially separated MonetizeMore from the rest. Most alternatives would focus on scalability instead of performance. They would only report aggregate numbers instead of offer transparent stats with fear of losing publisher clients to their in-house operations. It’s refreshing to see a company that is willing to only charge on performance, work from publishers’ DFP accounts instead of having a black box setup and focus on the specific goals of the publisher. It’s this long term approach that has established MonetizeMore as the best fit to fully manage premium publishers’ ad inventories.

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MonetizeMore Pros and Cons


  • MonetizeMore Demand achieves the highest page RPMs of any header container that we’ve measured.
  • Willing to be paid only on performance.
  • Cutting edge technology.
  • International team that can cover all time zones.
  • Customized consultation for ad placement, increasing ad speed and becoming Google compliant.
  • Transparent and flexible reporting.
  • Premium publisher offering is tailored to each publisher.
  • Zealous ad optimizers and support team.
  • Flexible pricing plans based on metrics most important to the publisher.
  • Contracts do not require commitment.
  • Concierge setup of DFP and header bidding.
  • Great Youtube and blog content to help publishers optimize their ad inventories.
  • Dedicated ad optimization teams provide incredible support and premium publisher performance. We have not heard this offered from any other company.


  • Reporting isn’t fully automated yet.
  • Minimum traffic requirements are quite stringent.
  • The toughest AdX program to get accepted into because of their meticulous screening team.


What are the MonetizeMore publisher requirements?

Being an advanced header bidding ad network solution, MonetizeMore requires a minimum 500,000 traffic requirement for all publishers.  Publishers also must submit their website for manual approval and sites cannot contain prohibited content. 

What is the MonetizeMore revenue share? 

MonetizeMore offers publishers a revenue share model, and in their monthly reporting, they are one of the few ad networks which actually reports what your revenue share numbers are.  Most ad networks only report your share of the earnings. The revenue share varies per publisher.

What are the MonetizeMore payment methods? 

MonetizeMore offers publishers 3 payment methods including PayPal, ACH and wire transfer.

What is the MonetizeMore minimum payment threshold?

The minimum payment threshold for MonetizeMore publishers is $100.

Conclusion (Rating: 5/5)

As one of the oldest major outsourced ad operations companies in the industry, MonetizeMore has proven themselves to be an authority in ad optimization much like SEOmoz became an authority in SEO. Like MonetizePros, MonetizeMore has produced quality content in ad optimization and web monetization via blogs, eBooks, infographics and videos. We commend MonetizeMore in their congruent goal of empowering a community of bloggers, webmasters and publisher owners to better monetize their content while achieving great user experience.

MonetizeMore’s AdX offering is good but does not differ significantly from the other alternative AdX players. It is MonetizeMore’s ad technology, ad optimization team expertise and performance pricing that solidify MonetizeMore as the best option for any huge publisher that is considering to outsource their ad operations.

Unlike the alternatives, MonetizeMore does not strive to simply manage an ad inventory, it is incentivized to dramatically increase the ad revenues of each premium publisher they work with. Bottom line, if you’re a small publisher, MonetizeMore wouldn’t be the best fit. If you are a large publisher, then the folks at MonetizeMore are the best people to speak with about how to realize all the money that your leaving on the table.

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