Adnan Sami reveals getting ‘virtual whacking’ from mom over Alvida post on Insta

Singer Adnan Sami has revealed that he received ‘a massive virtual whacking’ from his mother Naureen Khan over his Instagram post on Alvida. In a new interview, Adnan also said that since he is starting a new journey in music he chose to archive his feed. He added that instead of explaining further, he simply drooped his Alvida post. (Also Read | Adnan Sami reacts to fans worrying over him clearing his Instagram)

Recently Adnan removed all his Instagram posts and added just a new post. He captioned the post and wrote, “A L V I D A…”. Reacting to his post, fans got worried. A person asked, “What happened sir? I think this is a new beginning! Your new song or something?” Another Instagram user commented on the post, “Are you okay sir”.

Speaking on his Alvida post, Adnan told Pinkvilla, “I got a massive virtual whacking from my mother for that. My whole attitude was that I am starting this new journey in my musical life and this song is the start to the series of whole new music that I am embarking on. It’s a new relationship that I have formed with Sa Re Ga Ma which is wonderful.”

“So the whole idea was the new me, so Adnan 2.0, so let’s archive all the previous posts and let’s clean the slate for this new beginning. So now it’s clean and empty for the next phase of my musical life. And then I thought my new song is going to be Alvida so let me just put a post of just Alvida to give an idea that Alvida is going to be the next song of my life and I didn’t write anything and I did not give any explanation. I just wrote Alvida,” he added.

Talking about his fans’ reactions, Adnan told ETimes, “For heaven’s sake, if I intended to jump off the ledge and kill myself, I would’ve just written the word ‘alvida’ in a caption. I would not have had a stylistic logo designed where each letter of the word alvida fades in on the screen. If I had to kill myself I would not spend time making the announcement aesthetic and cinematic.”

Adnan recently released his new track, Alvida. He also featured in the music video of the song. He is known for a variety of popular songs, such as Mujhko Bhi Toh Lift Kara De, Tera Chehra, and Kabhi To Nazar Milao among many others.

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