Kiccha Sudeep reveals there is a Karnataka village where each house worships him

Kiccha Sudeep is one of the most popular and admired actors in the Kannada film industry. The actor, who boasts of a superstar status in Sandalwood, recently spoke about the craziest things his adoring fans have done for him. In an interview, he revealed how there is a village where every house worships him, something that he finds scary. Also read: Kiccha Sudeep compares Bollywood’s flop films to Virat Kohli being out of form

Sudeep started his film career in Thayavva in 1997. But it was the 2001 hit Huchcha that gave him mainstream success and also his nickname Kiccha. Since then, he has starred in several hits in Kannada. Apart from that, he has been among the few Kannada stars to appear in other language films as well, with appearances in Rakta Charitra, Baahubali: The Beginning, Eega, and Dabangg 3.

In a recent interview with Curly Tales, Sudeep spoke about his craziest fans. “They do extremes. There are people who have their entire body tattoed with name and pictures. If you say that is crazy, then there was this family–an old man, wife, and daughter–walked for 15 days from their town with luggage on their head to come and see me. They came not for help and everywhere they passed, crowd gave them food and everything. They felt this way it will reach me that they have started to travel and I will meet them. I met them, spent half a day with them. I booked train tickets and said, ‘I don’t want you to walk back’,” he said.

Sharing that some fan experiences are actually scary for him, Sudeep added, “I am not that perfect. I have my vices, I make my mistakes. But there are people who constructed temples in my name, who keep my idols in their house and do puja and all. There is a village where every house has my picture and they worship it every morning. That scares me. When people call me there, it scares me. That is not a position I wanted ever.”

Sudeep was most recently seen in the pan-India film Vikrant Rona. The Anup Bhandari film also stars Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, and Jacqueline Fernandez. The film has grossed 80 crore in just three days since its release, emerging as one of the biggest hits of 2022.

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