Priyanka Chaudhary finally reveals what’s in her heart, breaks down. Watch

Bigg Boss 16 will get a little extra emotional on Sunday’s episode. In a new promo shared on social media, contestants are seen entering the confession room one by one and sharing what is in their hearts. (Also read: Ashneer Grover rejected Bigg Boss offer, says ‘Only failed people go there’)

The promo begins with Bigg Boss mentioning how many people in the house are feeling restless inside in the ninth week on the show. “There is not a cure-all in this world but sometimes the heart feels less heavy on sharing somethings,” he said.

First one to enter the confession room was Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary. She spoke about her changing image on the outside and how she might be appearing to everyone. “I am simple girl jise shadi bhi karni hai, ghar basana hai. Ankit ke case ko lekar main zaada emotional ho rahi hu aur is poore cheez mein main galat padd gai. Logon ke liye meri image yahi hojaegi ki bahut chik chik karti hai (I want to get married, settle down. I am getting too emotional about Ankit and I feel stuck in all of it. That’s how people will think of me now that I nag a lot),” she said to the camera. She added, “I feel really angry at myself, Bigg Boss. I want to slap myself. Now I am tense whether I will find work in the future or not.” At this, she covered her face with her hand and started crying.

Next up, Shiv Thakare also broke down in tears about how the people inside the house think he is too cunning. “My family knows I always listen to my heart. I can’t even cry in front of them or I’d appear weak,” he added.

Archana Gautam was the last one in the promo to speak her heart out. She rued what side of her has come out on the show. She said she was never the one to speak ill of anyone but the ‘nalayaks’ on the show made her so.

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