Saif Ali Khan says he is ‘recession-proof’ because he doesn’t ‘charge too much’ | Bollywood

Saif Ali Khan has expressed confidence that economic recessions are not going to affect him as he already charges a very nominal fee for his work. Saif will be completing three decades of his acting career next year. The actor recently shared that he was told by his manager he doesn’t charge too much for his work. Also Read| Radhika Apte says ‘best thing’ in Saif Ali Khan is he speaks his mind

Saif made the comment as he reflected upon the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on his personal life and professional life. The actor said that though the pandemic was a tough period and the country even went through an economic crisis, not much has changed for him in the post-pandemic era like other actors.

He told Indian Express, “I don’t think anything has changed for me post pandemic, even the pandemic wasn’t like an eye-opener for me, but I came across two types of people, some people who are okay with themselves, their lives and homes and books and music and locking down and all, then there where people who weren’t, maybe who lived a more exterior lives. I don’t know, but it wasn’t an eye-opener in a sense that oh this is what life is all about, spending time with family and all, I don’t know it was all the same for me.”

The actor added, “The first one was lovely, the second one was really scary as then there was an economic crisis. I don’t know if the films have changed, or it is my choice that has. When it comes to fees, my manager says that we’re recession proof because we don’t really charge too much anyway.”

Saif’s latest film Vikram Vedha released in theatres on September 30 to a modest opening. It stars him as Vikram, a cop, alongside Hrithik Roshan’s gangster Vedha. The Pushkar-Gayatri directorial is a remake of their own 2017 film of the same name and also stars Radhika Apte and Rohit Saraf.

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