Salaries to Digital Currency had adopted the use of China’s Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) system to pay employees’ salaries.

Online retail has also used DCEP in business-to-business payments to partner firms and cross-bank settlements.

On the first week of use, it recorded almost 20,000 DCEP-funded orders.

JD has continued to show its support for digital yuan as seen when it adopted it as a payment method on its website.

NFL player for Kansas City Chiefs, Sean Culkin, plans to convert all of his salaries to bitcoin.

In Culkin’s words said, “I believe we are in the beginning stage of bitcoin*s shift away from being extremely speculative, to a legitimate asset class viewed as a store of value.”

Culkin is a major supporter of Crypto and his base salary is $920,000 which he plans to convert to Bitcoin.

Vivek Ranadivé, CEO of Sacramento Kings, announced during a Clubhouse session that he will pay salaries to everyone in Sacramento Kings in Bitcoin, including the players.

One of the members from the Clubhouse audience also confirmed this in Tweet.

Another sign of Bitcoin mainstream adoption. Sacramento Kings has announced years back that it will Integrate bitcoin payments, with BitPay as Payment processor.

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