She is positive that the coming regulations will simply fall in line with existing standard Financial rules around taxes and compliances.

Avanti Financial founder and CEO, Caitlin Long said the beginning of “U.S. crypto regulatory crackdown” does not translate to a bitcoin ban.

Avanti’s CEO concluded that the different news and public statements are all an indication that the new regulations will comprise of a “compliance crackdown.”

Singapore-based DBS Bank shared in a report that Bitcoin provides an “opportunity that (fiat) money cannot buy”.

DBS Chief Investment Officer Hou Wey Fook wrote in the report that “it is worth considering that Bitcoin’s blockchain technology is indeed revolutionizing finance as we speak.”

He shared that even a small addition of Bitcoin to a portfolio will balance an Investor’s portfolio’s risk- return profile.

Chairman of the American private equity firm The Carlyle Group, David Rubenstein has strongly said the Governments can’t stop investors trooping into the market, He claimed that cryptocurrency is here to stay.

He believes that more investors are going into the market is because they want something different from traditional currency.

His statement got much attention and praise even from Galaxy Digital’s CEO, Michael Novogratz, who called Rubenstein the investor with the best DC ties ever.

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